Visual DJ Set

I recently designed and performed live visual DJ sets at events in London and Birmingham. The visuals comprise a mixture of video footage and real-time generated animations. To achieve this, I developed custom software using c++/openFrameworks. The software utilised data from DJ software (e.g. Traktor), a live audio feed, as well as human input from a Launchpad midi controller in order to generate the visuals in synchronisation with the music being played. The visuals were projection mapped onto several canvases. Check out the trailer for our next event in Birmingham:


A short, sci-fi film that I produced, alongside Writer/Director Elliot Fox. Watch the full film here.

VFX Showreel

A compilation of some of the VFX work that I have done recently.

An Attempt At Bullet Time

Like many people, I’ve always had a fascination with Bullet Time (also known as Time Slice) ever since I first saw it’s use in The Matrix. If you’re not already familiar with Bullet Time, check out this video. It is essentially a visual effect that allows a scene to be captured in extreme slow motion whilst the camera moves around a subject. The Matrix films certainly popularised the effect, but the technique involved is in fact much older, dating back to 19th century experiments by Eadweard Muybridge, who famously analysed…read more